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Surgery scheduled.

We met with a surgery oncologist at Emory in Atlanta. Her colon cancer (stage IIIC) had metastasized to her liver, and is now stage IV. Only 20% of patients in her position are eligible for a liver resection. Thanks to God, she is a candidate. But, there is only a 20% cure rate. We have asked what her prognosis is, but both docs seem uncomfortable with the question and we can't get any answers. I understand they don't want to commit to a time frame and be wrong, but I wish we had a clearer picture as to what she should do. The doc at Emory thinks chemo would be a waste of time, but her oncologist thinks she needs a liver resection at Emory followed by chemo with him.   She scheduled surgery for next Monday, 10/12.  She said that will give her time to be sure that this is what she wants.  I volunteered to find out any info she thinks she needs to help her decide.  I will call docs for her, do research, whatever she needs.  I have a bad feeling about the surgery but don't want her to know that.  When she asked me today to go ahead and make reservations for us a hotel room the night before surgery, I asked her if that meant she had decided to have the surgery.  She said she guessed so.  She then asked what I thought since I was in the room with her when th doc explained it all to her.  I told her I would support whatever she decoded, but respected that it had to be her decision.  My 19 year old daughter has been upset thinking that her Grandmother may elect to have surgery.  We all saw what the colon resection did to her.  When she called to talk to Momma while ago, my mother did say she wanted us to be able to say she did everything possible to live.  She doesn't want us to think she gave up without a fight.  I am torn.  I want her to do what she wants, but do I hide my fears and just be as supportive as possible?  Although I have prayed for healing, I also prayed that she wouldn't have to wrestle with her decision.  I wanted it to be clear to her what she needed to do.  That did not happen.  Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers.  You are all in mine as well.   Kellye 


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Your Mom is too young to give up. Surgery and chemo, tough to do, but you just never know; she could live a long time. God does amazing things, you know this Kel. God bless.
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Thank you. She is 73. The colon surgery just about got her and I don't want her suffering like she has for the past 4 months. But, a liver resection and a colon resection are 2 very different surgeries. I will just trust that the Lord has led her to the right decision. Bless you.
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I think you need to let her know how you feel. Don't be afraid to talk to her!! Wishing her luck!!
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Thanks for the advice and for taking the time to offer it. We had a good talk about things earlier tonight. Thank you.
Found an article that might help. Journal of clinical oncology Also you might call the hospital social services or nurse help line and see if they can help or go over the medical options. The social service department help me when I was caring for my Mom. They explained a lot & set appointments with people who could help with everything from nutritionist to how to help her up and down with out hurting her or my back. Praying for you & your Mom.
Prayers for you and your Mom.
Oh, Kellye, you are doing the right thing but it is so hard. Please help your mother to understand that you and your daughter and others she loves wants her to live as long as possible, but not with enormous pain. I hope that you carry through with talking to these doctors, particularly the one who doesn't propose chemotherapy. Why not? HUGS
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Thanks for the advice. The surgical oncologist at Emory is the one opposed to chemo. He said an 8 year study just concluded comparing patients with liver mets from colon cancer who had a liver resection against those that had the resection with chemo. The difference in survival rates of these 2 groups was so insignificant he said it was pointless to put her through chemo. My daughter tried to talk to her and changed her mind after my mother told her that she had to go through with this surgery. She said she didn't want any of us to think she gave up and didn't go down fighting. She chose to not have chemo after her colon resection and may be feeling guilt over that decision since the cancer came back so quick. But, she was not in any shape to be able to have chemo. She was so very sick. We all understood and supported her decision back the first of the summer. I think she is terrified at how quick it came back. But, she has finally started back dancing. She loves to Shag, ballroom, and line dancing. She had been going for her walks on the beach again. She has just gotten her life back. I have seen her smile again. God knows how much I want her to live. Just praying this doesn't affect her as much as the prior surgery did. Thanks again.
I didn't realize it was surgery regardless. Will hope with you that she keeps on enjoying those walks on the beach. Quality v. quantity of life...a choice we may all have to confront. HUGS
Both doctors feel surgery is necessary. Momma was trying to decide if she even wanted to go through that since her colon resection was so hard to get through. She agreed to the surgery then we went for her pre op visit with the hospital. On the way home she started talking about her fears and didn't know if she would go through with the surgery. I hate that she is so conflicted. But, she has decided to go for it. Praying my bad feelings about it were wrong. I reinjured my back yesterday, this is after 6 previous back surgeries. Maybe the bad feeling was meant for myself. Sure hope that's what it was. Thanks for the sweet words of encouragement. We are to report at Emory at 5:30 Monday morning.
Prayers for your mom's decision! Prayers she lets God give her a clear answer!
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Stage IV now

Momma's PET scan was not what he had hoped for. Her colon cancer has now metastasized into her liver and possibly into some more lymph nodes. Some lit up on both sides of her neck, but the doc can't feel them. The liver mets is fairly large. He is referring her to Emory  University within the next 2 weeks. Fingers crossed that it won't be any longer. Hopes are that they will say she is a candidate for a liver resection. The colon resection kept her so sick, so this is scary. If the surgery can be done, it would give her a 20-25% cure rate. If not, the local oncologist wants to start chemo and radiation. That would not be curable. It would only be treatable. We are, more than likely, past the curable stage. He said she already has it in lymph nodes and it is coursing through her blood stream going everywhere now. Even with the liver surgery, he would still want to go that path. He said some docs would disagree, but it will ultimately be her decision. I will always pray for her to be cured, but it doesn't look like that is going to happen. What I really hope is that it is clear what she needs to do. I don't want her living the rest of her life, whether it be shorter or longer, second guessing her decision. She has done enough of that for a lifetime. I want to see  her happy and dancing. I want her back enjoying her morning walks on the beach. All her friends looked forward to her sunrise and sunset pics she loved to post on FB. I am afraid we may be looking at quality or quantity of life. I don't want to lose my mother, but I will take quality over quantity any day.  Thanks again for your prayers and support. 

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I am so sorry. May God be with you all. I will continue to pray for a miracle and, also, for strength and peace as you face what lies ahead.
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Sending prayers and good vibes!!
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I am sorry to hear this news, and I will be hoping she gets the liver resection and they move quickly on this!
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The news that no one wants to sorry to read this. I can only support your desire for your mom to enjoy those mornings on the beach. With luck the consultations at Emory will give her a clear view of the right decision for her. Hugs to you as you support her.
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I am so sorry! Prayers for your mom to have a clear decision on what to do. My son will get Chemo till the end. So I know how you feel. But God can Heal them both and I have to Keep the Faith! Hugs, Lenae
As hard as it is watching my mom, I can't even imagine how it must be to have your child going through this. My heart and prayers are with you also. Sending love, hugs, and prayers. Kellye.
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So sorry to hear this Kellye. It's times like this we have to rely not only on the Doctor's opinions and advice, be we need to collectively support one another through such difficult emotional feelings. As long as they can keep her from pain or treatments that actually make things worse for how she feels, that I think is the main objective. I too pray for you and your family and friends. So many of us have had to deal with parents going through this and it's just not something we ever anticipate or think about when life is good. Keep the faith Kellye, I know you will and be strong.
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